Airgreens Renewable Energy Cafe'. A combination & Integration of Solar, Wind, Lithium, Green Tech materials.  Managed via a Smart Energy App. Think Refurbished Container. That can be transported easily anywhere. Your business in a box . Mobile. Off-the-Grid.  


By taking advantage of the powerful energy of the Sun and Wind and capturing it's energy in Lithium batteries and Hydrogen Fuel cells we supply a constant source of Power to Airgreens Cafe'. 


Smart Energy

A Portable Mobile App gives the user Remote control over energy . Intelligent Energy Control increases operational efficiency. 

Solar Power

Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Airgreens Cafe' roof is packed with thin-film solar panels which feed our smart grid with electricity. 


Fuel Cell Energy

Hydrogen Fuel Cells are a carbon neutral energy solution which significantly reduce carbon footprint -offering a clean & reliable source of energy. Fuel Cell systems require little space and can operate24 hours/ 365days regardless of the weather and geographic constraints. 

Wind Turbines

Vertical Axis small Wind Turbines (VAWT)  collects wind from every direction to continue producing power. VAWT also generates less noise which provides an adoptable solution for urban area use.

Lithium Magic

Excess electricity is stored in Aigreens batteries. Modular energy banks containing panasonic cells store the sun’s energy taken in via solar panels. Advanced Battery management systems are built in to allow effective communications for cloud management.

Energy-Saving Insulation Materials 

Airgreens Cafe’s outer walls are insulated via NASA grade composite materials- an energy cost-saving Granite spray paint . Ultra-Resistant Heat Insulation technology which has a world record of 88% thermal reflectivity. 

airgreens cafe'  - Renewable Energy & green materials

Airgreens Cafe' is a Refurbished Shipping Container. Its Roof is covered with thin-film Solar Panels feeding the Cafe' with electricity. Lithium batteries store Excess electricity. Our smart energy app gives you real-time information via a cloud and control over energy management. To keep the Cafe' warm in the winter and cool in the summer Insulation is made from advanced Green technology films and other recycled materials.